About the Global Institute

The Global Institute for Community Health & Development aims to mobilize global collaborations in the pursuit of health and prosperity for all human beings. The institute seeks to generate new knowledge and apply interdisciplinary solutions to impact the most challenging health and development dilemmas of the millennium. The Global Institute is led by the Miller School of Medicine and supported by schools throughout the University of Miami.

The Global Institute will undertake community-driven health and development programs with a focus on underserved communities in the United States and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. In doing so, The Global Institute will extend the university's and the Miller School's core mission areas of academic excellence, new knowledge, and service to the community, to contribute to health and development in the region.

Through its activities, the Global Institute seeks to act as a gateway to health and development in the Western Hemisphere and beyond, and help to establish a new paradigm in the 21st century for universities in the United States, and internationally, to act as agents of global benefit.